Archived Posts – April 2023

No Tears Project – St. Louis


When examining the complex history of civil rights in St. Louis, and the country as a whole, you may turn to books, documentaries, the internet, or… music? Yes! Thanks to one unique program, many of our nation’s civil rights stories have been interpreted through jazz music. This month, Gateway Arch National Park has partnered with Oxford American and Jazz St. Louis to develop the No Tears Project – St. Louis, “a multi-day residency of free events that will use music and conversation to engage communities in civil rights education and storytelling.”

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Don’t Miss the Arch Museum!!


When you visit Gateway Arch National Park, you’re no doubt wowed by seeing the height and majesty of America’s tallest monument.  And you probably also can’t wait to take a tram ride to the top.  But there are plenty of cool things to experience down below on the ground level of the visitor center, like the Museum at the Gateway Arch.  That’s where you can learn what America’s westward expansion was like through the eyes of explorers and pioneers, Native Americans and enslaved individuals, and women and children.  You can also learn the stories of the founding of St. Louis and see unique artifacts and displays that commemorate the pioneering spirit.

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Honoring Those Who Honored Ulysses S. Grant


We congratulate our friends at Ulysses S. Grant National Historic Site for their recent award from the Organization of American Historians.  At the OAH conference in California last month, the park was recognized for Excellence in National Park Service History because of the many public events and programs honoring last year’s 200th anniversary of Ulysses Grant’s birth.

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