Archived Posts – October 2021

Building America’s Tallest Monument


Exactly 56 years ago this week, the awe-inspiring Gateway Arch was completed. The vision of architect Eero Saarinen, the Gateway Arch was built to commemorate President Thomas Jefferson’s push for continental exploration as well as St. Louis’ role in the westward expansion of the United States. But on October 28, 1965, all attention was riveted on the critical insertion of the final keystone piece that would complete the 630-foot structure.

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The New Superintendent at our Newest Partner Park


When a national park is established, as Ste. Genevieve National Historical Park was in 2020, the first order of business is to recruit a new staff, including a new superintendent. Chris Collins was already working for the National Park Service when he was tapped for the job. We recently interviewed him about what it’s like to work in his role.

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Free Teacher Workshop on St. Louis’ Racial Divide


 Like many American cities, St. Louis has experienced racial segregation practices that have disadvantaged African Americans and marginalized communities.  A two-day workshop for middle school and high school teachers at Gateway Arch National Park will focus on this challenging history and how it has impacted region today.  A bus tour of significant local sites is included.

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Quiz Time: Where is JNPA’s Newest Partner Park?

There’s a small town in eastern Missouri that was founded by French colonists in the 1750s, making it the oldest European settlement in the state.  In recognition of its cultural and historic importance, as well as its unique early French architecture, the National Park Service recently designated much of the town as a National Historical Park.  JNPA now has a bookstore within the park.  Can you name the town? 

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