Free Teacher Workshop on St. Louis’ Racial Divide

Educators are frequently challenged when trying to present students with information on local racial history.  Topics such as segregation, steering, racial covenants, red-lining, and even urban renewal are controversial and often difficult to discuss.

This workshop will examine these topics as they pertain to St. Louis, and will challenge and correct many of the incomplete and over-simplified histories.  Presenters will include St. Louisans who lived this history, who will tell their stories and help participants hear and share their truth. The workshop also features a bus tour of significant and relevant local sites.

It is designed to complement middle school and high school curricula.  Educators will come away with new content knowledge, primary source documents, classroom activities and best practices for teaching difficult and controversial history topics.  The workshop was developed by the education department of Gateway Arch National Park, in conjunction with Challenging History:  A St. Louis Collaborative, a multi-institution undertaking hosted by JNPA.  

For information on how to register, visit  

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