Archived Posts – December 2021

When the Sky is on Fire


Now that winter is here, many of us dread the inevitable shorter daylight hours.  But for those who live in (or visit) the upper latitudes of the northern hemisphere, there’s one spectacular upside to the encroaching darkness:  more opportunities to experience the Northern Lights.  And few locations are better for viewing these celestial light shows than Voyageurs National Park.

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Wait, Why Do They Call it WHITE Haven?


When you visit Ulysses S. Grant National Historic Site, you can take a ranger-led tour of White Haven, the president’s home in the late 1850s.  But you’ll probably wonder why the home’s exterior isn’t painted white at all – it’s green!

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The Little National Park with the Long Name


When the National Park Service designates new sites, officials take care to name the park in honor of its founding mission and purpose. But they don’t necessarily consider the name’s ease of use.  Case in point: President William Jefferson Clinton Birthplace Home National Historic Site (whew!).  Let’s take a virtual tour around the park and inside the home.

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Let JNPA’s Online Store Ease Your Holiday Shopping


If you’re like us, you want to make your holiday shopping as easy as possible.  So if you don’t have time to visit our many partner sites this time of year, you can find many of our popular gift items in our online store.  And you can still feel good about your purchases, since they support the educational mission of the parks.

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