Inspiration for your Thanksgiving Table

If you’re a history buff looking to re-create the sumptuous tables and extravagant meals from the past, have we got a book for you!  There’s nothing like lavish recipes from the 1800s to get your mouth watering, and your Thanksgiving plans started.

JNPA will take you on a culinary trip back in time with The Gilded Table , authored by food historian Suzanne Corbett. This hardcover book spotlights the food traditions of 19th century America against the lavish background of the Campbell House, a stately Gilded Age mansion in downtown St. Louis.  Included are more than 178 original recipes from the 1800s, along with beautiful photographs.

Photo Credit: Campbell House Museum, St. Louis, Mo

Get your Thanksgiving feast off to a good start with this lovely book, available at our bookstore at Ulysses S. Grant National Historic Site and from our online store.  (Also makes a great host/hostess gift!)

Photo Credit: Campbell House Museum, St. Louis, Mo

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